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UBRD News Update

S&P upgrades UBRD’s credit ratings

Standard & Poor's has upgraded the short-term credit ratings of Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development to "B" level from the "C" due to the change in the methodology of long-term and short-term ratings. As S&P reports the criteria are reviewed on an ongoing basis at least once a year. The purpose of such changes is to make bank ratings more transparent and thus potential changes more predictable to professionals of credit analysis.

UBRD sets 800th ATM

In early August the Bank has set800th ATM  in city of Kushva, an industrial center of Central Ural region having 16 large production plants. The increase in ATM network, sometimes anticipating growth of the branchnetwork –is a part of the Bank's strategy to develop retail business in new regions, as well as in the cities of the Bank's current presence. Implementing this strategy the Bank has entered large citiesof Krasnodar, Nizhnevartovsk, and St. Petersburg, as well as expandedits presence in the regions of Orenburg, Novosibirsk, Bashkortostan, and HQ base area –Sverdlovsk region.

Since the beginning of 2012 UBRD has already introduced 75 ATMs. Last year, the Bankhas increased its ATM network by204 machines. "Along with the expansionof the network, we are developingthe functionality of ATMs, minimizingthe need ofcardholders forvisitingour office to perform simple operations withthe card, such as making payments, payment forvarious services and state fines, transfer between accounts, loan payments, transactions on deposits with remote control and so on", saysMaxim Tamoshkin, Head of ATM Network Developmentof UBRD.

As of year-end of 2011UBRD holds18th place among the country's banks by the number of own ATMs in Russia, and 9th place by the number of ATMs with cash-in (RBC. Rating).

UBRD sined a framework agreement with AKA Export Finance Bank

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed a framework agreement with AKA Export Finance Bank, which gives to the German bank an opportunity to finance UBRD, as well as its customers. The Agreement continues strengthening positions of  UBRD in international arena.

The agreement was signed during the European road show of UBRD, during which the Bank had several meetings with the major European banks. The meetings focused on further expanding cooperation, and the possibility of the use of new products and services between UBRD and western European banks.

“The signing of the agreement with AKA Export Finance Bank marks a new level of activity of UBRD in international financial markets. Our bank is a trusted foreign partners and banks in Europe are ready to enhance dialogue with UBRD for further cooperation. For our bank such cooperation – are additional ways to diversify the  funding base. For our clients – a new funding opportunities, settlements with foreign partners, documentary operations”,  said Mr. Sergey Sisoshvili.

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development: rebranding

A new bright, open, and friendly image replaces old logo and symbols of UBRD. The Bank neither changes its name, activities and products nor shareholders but switches to a new visuals.

The Bank’s Management took care of clients’ inetrest when making a decision about rebranding, UBRD will continue to provide a wide range of services for businesses and individuals. The Bank firmly believes cooperation with clients will mutually benfit from the new corporate style, which is open, up-to-date, way-wise, professional, and driving.

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the bank with more than twenty years, is  ranked in the Top 50 leading banks of Russia.

UBRD’s network has 12 branches and more than 240 sales and service office. The Bank’s clientele accounts about 60,000 of corporate clients and 750,000 of individuals.

UBRD gets the Top List - 2012 award

Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development has become the winner of the Leader of the Top List award of the reputable business publication Business District. UBRD is one of the Top-Three leaders among local banks in terms of funds raised in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region.

According to the newspaper UBRD was ranked first in the loan portfolio in the region among the local banks. The Banks was also ranked first among domestic banks in categories of largest banks in lending, leaders by corporate loan portfolio, and leaders of retail deposits.

The award involved banks od Yekaterinburg and branches of federal banks active in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.

The rating is based on analysis of public sources, official websites of banks, as well as information provided by banks.

UBRD has signed USD 5,3 mln loan agreement with Commerzbank AG for the purchase of ATMs

On August 17, 2012 UBRD has signed a six years term loanagreement with the Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt, forthe amount of USD 5,3 mln. The funds areinsured by the German export credit agency Euler Hermes for the purchase of 270 ATMs of Wincor Nixdorf, a long-standing partner of the Bank. This agreement marks an increase in activity of UBRD in international markets and high confidence among foreign partner banks.

The Bank actively expandsits ATM network to provide high quality services to its customers and develop and strengthen its position at the federal level.

"The agreement with Commerzbank AG allows us to buy a large lot of ATMs, not involving the Bank's own resources requiredfor the active expansion. Such solution diversifiesUBRD'sown base and reducesthe cost of funding", said SergeySisoshvili, Vice President, International Markets & Financial Institutions at UBRD.

In September 2011 UBRD has already financed the purchase of ATMs with participation of Commerzbank and Euler Hermes  for theamount of USD 4,9 mln with the term of fiveyears. Expansion of ATM network  is a part of the Bank's retail banking strategy. In 2011 the ATM network has been increased  by 204 ATMs.

UBRD diversifies its mutual fund store

85 mutual funds run by 10 leading management companies of Russia form UBRD's mutual fund store. Investors can choose appropriate among available portfolios or from its own one depending on specific purposes. Recently mutual fund Arsagera Management Company joined UBRD's mutual fund market. The Company operates in Saint-Petersburg since 2004.

UBRD's mutual fund market was opened in 2012 and became the first banking store of mutual funds in Ural region. It benefits by the one-stop-store concept offering full service pack to clients.

UBRD and Harbin Bank sign bilateral trade finance framework facility agreement

In December 2016 Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Harbin Bank Co Ltd have signed uncommitted bilateral trade finance framework facility agreement as part of previously signed cooperation agreement. According to the document the parties undertake to finance the export-import operations of their customers with partners from China both in yuan and US dollars.

“Chinese banks are very cautious and always have a conservative approach to business. I believe that this agreement, which allows us to attract unsecured financing, is our achievement. It shows confidence and recognition of UBRD as a reliable partner, “ said Sergei Sisoshvili, VP, Head of International Business Department in UBRD.

According to the Federal Customs Service of Russia the share of trade with China in 10 months of 2016 is 14.1%. During this period the trade turnover between the two countries reached USD 58.745 bln, which is 1.7% more than in the same period of 2015. Main exports are fuel and energy products (58.6%), crude oil (26.3%), natural gas (10.8%), metals (10.3% ),  and imports: machinery, equipment and vehicles (47.1%), chemical products (18.7%), food products (13.4%).

Y-2015 results (RAS)

In 2015 the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development has implemented its plans, showed an increase in key financial indicators, maintained its leading position in the banking market and demonstrated the effectiveness of the existing business model.

Equity increased from RUB 24.8 bln to RUB 27.1 bln (+ 9%), including as a result of operating profit. Net assets grew by RUB 109.9 bln (+46%), reaching RUB 346.6 bln by January 1, 2016. Stock market trading, business lending, and revaluation of the foreign currency component of assets were key growth drivers. Total loan portfolio amounted to RUB 187.55 bln (+6%) as of January 1, 2016.

One of the main tasks of the year was work on the quality of the loan portfolio, particularly, reduction of arrears in corporate segment, maintenance of the required profitability of retail business given a gap of rates in assets and liabilities, decrease of anticipated losses on new retail loans by the end of the year. These goals were realized through improved approaches to credit risk assessment, implementation of new data and algorithms in the scoring models, switching focus in retail to loyal customers.

As a result, the Bank’s funding base increased by RUB 108.2 bln (+48%) and amounted to RUB 331.9 bln as of January 1, 2016. Most of the increase was ensured by the inflow of retail deposits (+ 43%); generally, the volume of retail deposits increased from RUB 93.17 bln to RUB 133.66 bln in 2015. In addition, the Bank has increased the fund raising in the repo market and interbank lending.

As of January 1, 2016, profit after tax amounted to RUB 2.2 bln, which is 14% more than in 2014.

In November 2015 UBRD assumed obligations under reorganization of VUZ-bank buying out 99.99% of shares.

DIA announcement

The State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA, the Agency) has selected the investor to participate in the prevention of bankruptcy of VUZ Bank JSC (the Bank) after consideration of proposals received from applicants interested in participating in the its rehabilitation.

A key criterion for the selection of investors is the smallest aggregate amount of financial assistance provided by the Agency to the financial rehabilitation of VUZ Bank.

UBRD (the Investor) was selected as a candidate that offered the most favorable conditions of financing measures to prevent bank’s failures. In accordance with the plan of DIA‘s participation in preventing the bankruptcy of the Bank the reduction of the authorized capital up to RUB 1 is envisioned and its subsequent increase by issue of new shares in favor of the Investor, allowing the latter to become the main shareholder of the Bank.

Also in accordance with the amendments to the plan of DIA‘s participation in preventing the bankruptcy of the Bank a financial assistance to cover the imbalance between the fair value of assets and the carrying value of liabilities in the amount of RUB 5.7 bln for 10 years is to be provided by DIA.

In future a reorganization of the Bank in the form of its accession to the Investor prior to October 1, 2025 is planned.

Given these activities the Bank will carry out its regular activities, fulfilling the full range of banking services and provide an uninterrupted service to customers.